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About IES Test Prep

We've helped over 25,000 students reach their SAT goals and attend the school of their dreams! Located in Metuchen, NJ, we offer a variety of in-person and online Digital SAT courses, as well as group classes or private lessons.

Leading SAT Test Prep for over 20 years

For the last 20 years we've enhanced our specialized, technique-based tutoring program to deliver the highest level of SAT Test Prep and help you reach your goals.


At Integrated Educational Services (IES) we offer a variety of in-person and online courses to help you prepare for the Digital SAT and other college entrance exams. IES became a leader in the test prep field through word-of-mouth dissemination by thousands of satisfied customers, parents and students alike.


See for yourself why over 25,000 students have trusted IES. Enroll today and let us help you reach your SAT goals!

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Why IES?

Discover why IES is trusted by over 25,000 students!


Foundational Skills

Our approach to the SAT is two-fold. We help you from the bottom up by strengthening your foundations in every aspect of the test (reading comprehension skills, vocabulary enhancement, writing skills) and from the top down with test-taking techniques.


Quality Test Prep

We do not overload you with busy homework or waste your time in class doing unnecessary exercises. We believe in quality not quantity. Every teacher, every course packet and every minute you spend with us will ensure the highest quality preparation money can buy.


Maximum SAT Score

Everything we do here is designed to help you get a higher Digital SAT score. We understand that your time is in short supply so we designed a curriculum that will give you the maximum results in the shortest amount of time.


Winning Technique

For 20 years we've compiled fastidious notes about curriculum content, specific test material, the strengths and weaknesses of various education levels and school systems, and the reasons students were having a hard time with the SAT. 


We developed, through hands-on experience, step-by-step techniques for each section: Reading, Writing, and Math. Eventually, the winning IES curriculum and techniques were born.

A Replica of Princeton

I come from an international business family and when I was a student at Princeton I developed close relationships with my favorite professors. On one occasion I hosted the Chairman of the Princeton History Department at my family’s ranch in Kenya. He was doing research in African history and I was proud to introduce him to some key figures in African society whom I knew well. When I graduated in 1988, seven professors attended my private reception party. We held interesting academic conversations about world affairs. Like many of my classmates I entered the world of international finance, received my MBA in 1991 and pursued a career in business. But I always desired to build an academy to re-create the spirit of my Princeton experience. I wanted a place where students could feel close to their teachers, respect them as mentors and not fear them as authorities. I am very proud to say that I have succeeded in creating this academy as a small replica of Princeton in which there exists a camaraderie among students and teachers. I feel proud when I see students and teachers talking in the student lounge or on campus grounds between buildings. IES teachers are involved in every aspect of student development: tutoring, mentoring, guiding. Students stay long hours at IES taking advantage of every service, such as workshops. IES students are very well behaved and academically competitive. Their SAT scores are increasing every year.

Founder and CEO,

Khalid Khashoggi

Test Preparation


IES Test Prep (formerly IES2400) has been providing top-quality SAT prep to students in NJ and NY since 2003; many of our students perform well enough on the SAT to gain acceptance into Ivy League universities, some with perfect scores. 

Our approach to the SAT is a combination of technique and practice. Technique is taught during a 4-hour lesson (usually 9am-1pm), and practice follows by way of a 3-hour workshop (usually 2-5pm). Experienced teachers convey specific steps to be used on each part of the test - reading, writing, math. 

IES Test Prep has been preparing for the SAT change-over ever since the College Board announced it in mid-2014. With the help of a teacher-led team of full-time writers and editors, we have amassed ample practice tests and coursework. We strive to replicate the exact difficulty and nature of the real SAT so much so that our student scores vary by no more than ten points when their real scores are compared to their practice scores.

SAT Preparation at IES Test Prep

Standardized tests require a standard and precise curriculum. All IES SAT prep classes are run following the same curriculum. The SAT is a difficult and tricky test for which no adequate preparation currently exists in high schools. It is a specialized test that requires a specialized approach in which school teachers are not trained.

Every individual has different scheduling needs. As such, IES offers a wide array of courses that meet either once a week, twice a week or, as in summer, 4 times a week. Regardless of the schedule, each course teaches you how to spot and use the clues provided in the SAT test to maximize your accuracy, speed, and confidence.


The SAT math section covers 50 topics that the College Board deems necessary for both collegiate success and post-graduate workplace readiness.  The IES mathematics curriculum is teaches skills that address each of these topics, and an additional set of general test taking skills that can help in a variety of situations. 


Evidence-based reading, a feature of the SAT, tests your global comprehension of a passage as well as your attention to particular details. You may be asked how a particular paragraph functions in the overall context of a passage, the meaning of a word, or the stance of the author.  At IES, we teach the steps to solve and conquer these questions, through a series of class lectures, and intensive workshop practice. 


“Who” or “whom”? Comma or semicolon? Indicative or subjunctive? These are only a few of the questions you’ll face while navigating the murky, confusing, and sometimes downright tedious obstacle course we call SAT Grammar. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work already and condensed hundreds of years of complex terminology and obscure Latin-based rules into 18 straightforward, easy-to-remember guidelines. 


Students who have completed a full SAT course are eligible to register for the IES  Bridge, a private lesson package that includes weekly practice tests and workshops. The purpose of this program is to provide follow-up, individualized prep during the time period between the end of an SAT course and the official test date - the "bridge". You may select the number of weeks you wish to include in your bridge, as well as your preferred area of focus (English, Math or both).


SAT Experts

SAT Experts

Khalid Khashoggi


A career educator with a uniquely cosmopolitan outlook, Khalid Khashoggi graduated from Princeton University and traveled widely before settling in the New York-New Jersey area. There, he founded Integrated Educational Services, a tutoring company that has helped tens of thousands of students raise their standardized test scores--and attend the colleges of their dreams--since 2001. Determined to share his years of expertise, Khalid founded IES Publications in 2013. Today, students all over the United States use the books in the IES SAT Advanced Practice Series to achieve their target scores. Each volume in the series delves into a specific SAT section--math, critical reading, or writing--in a manner that is systematic, straightforward, and enlightening. Today, IES continues to expand rapidly into new areas, including unique web resources, and continues to promote Khalid's vision: test prep that works in real classroom situations, that doesn't rely on platitudes and commonplaces, and that gives students the determination and the confidence to succeed.




She graduated from Syracuse University where her field of study included English, Literature, and Writing. Her career as the consummate SAT instructor started after years of in-home tutoring. Her invaluable experience led to the creation of IES, which because of her, is the exemplary leader in SAT preparation. She penned the IES curriculum for SAT Reading and SAT Grammar -- curriculums that have led countless students in reaching their target scores. Because of her near perfect track record, she remains the most requested tutor in New Jersey. Her clients also include international students from China, Korea, Japan, Spain, and Russia who have sought her expertise from overseas.

IES Publications


Your Education is Our Top Priority!
Here at IES Publications, we want to give you the confidence you need to control the test. 
Together, we can make your Test Day a success!

IES Publications is a consortium of writers, editors, teachers and test prep coaches who have all put their heads together to reverse engineer the SAT and ACT. At IES Publications, we strive to create material that will meet the standards of our discerning audience. Working in tandem with IES Test Prep, a test prep academy that tailors its courses to the most advanced students, we noticed a marked gap in test prep material that would satisfy our elite student body. Based on the popularity of the work we have already published for use in our classes, we thought, why stop at just our students? With a staff of writers, editors, and educators, and with a wealth of research and development about the SAT behind us, our material stands tall above the rest.

Our Published Books

ACT Reading Practice Book

The Reading Section of the ACT challenges test takers to read efficiently yet attentively. Both speed and accuracy are necessary, and these are the qualities that you will build with this ACT Reading practice book. Created and edited by the veteran test prep instructors of Integrated Educational Services, the techniques, passages, and practice questions in this volume are designed to help you dramatically refine your methods and dramatically improve your score.

You will begin by deepening your knowledge of the four different ACT Reading passage types: Literary Narrative, Social Science, Humanities, and Natural Science. From there, use the classroom-tested tips and techniques developed by IES and practice your way to success. The ten full practice tests in this book will help you to hone your test-taking skills, while self-assessments and detailed answer explanations will enable you to target your weaknesses and solidify your strengths.

Four substantial passages, forty questions, only thirty-five minutes each ACT Reading section can seem intimidating. This book will change that. Follow the techniques, delve into the practice tests, and take control of the ACT!

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