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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are in an in-person class?

A minimum of 2 and maximum of 22 students.

Does IES conduct a diagnostic test before class starts?

Yes. The diagnostic test is done on our IES App.

How many practice tests do you offer?

The course has 3 IES-exclusive practice tests: Diagnostic, Mid-term, and Final. In addition to the tests, the course provides over 2000 practice questions in all the sub-topics of Math and English. Additional full tests are offered to students who sign up for the continuation bridge program.

Do you offer additional resources for the student before class starts?

The only class resource that is included in the course is a full diagnostic test. Additional student resources can be purchased under a private lesson program designed to address any foundational content the student may need before class. For example, a student with weak algebra may need a refresher course in Algebra on a one-to-one basis.

Does the student have their own account on IES?

Yes. Each student gets an account on the IES App with login credentials. All tests, lessons, and homework will be done electronically via their account.

Can digital content of the study material and tests be printed or downloaded?

The IES App allows for a student to print and download test and homework material only after it has been completed and submitted. Only the parts of the material where the student has answered incorrectly will be downloadable. 

How many faculties does IES have?

IES has 6 teachers with decades of combined experience teaching SAT and related core curricula.

How many students has IES tutored?

Since our launch in 2000, IES has tutored over 25,000 students both in-person in New Jersey / New York and online.

How many IES students have been enrolled in Ivy League?

Since our launch in 2000, we have helped over 8,000 students enroll in Ivy League schools.

Have more questions?

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