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Congratulations Top Scorers

IES would like to congratulate all of our students who completed a virtual course with us and received the following AMAZING official SAT/ACT scores and college acceptances:

Shubhi U.                1570        August 2020

Felix W.                   1550        September 2020

Andy S.                   1580        October 2020

Shriya U.                 1570        November 2020

Manny G.                1560       December 2020

Aditya M.                 35          February 2021

Elliot S.                   1580         March 2021

Ishaan V.                  1550         August 2021

Shreyas. B.              1570        October 2021

Jack X.                     1520     PSAT October 2021
                                 1580      SAT  December 2021

Edmond N.              1580       March 2021.   
                                  Duke University

Elliot S.                     1580      December 2021
                                  Brown University

Diya N.                      1560     December 2021

Brandon Q.               1530.    May 2022

Annamarie G.            1550      June 2022

Aravind S.                      34      July 2022

Elise S.                        1500.   August 2022

Erik T.                          1580.   August 2022

Sara Y.                         1560.  August 2022

Kavya A.                      1580.  August 2022

Madhav M.                  1590. October 2022

Eddie Z.                       1560 November 2022

Navika S.                     1500 November 2022

Andrew Y.                    1570. November 2022





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Hey Marc,I received my score today and got a 1550. I was pretty surprised when I opened my account on CollegeBoard and got the exact score that I wanted 4 months ago. Thank you so much helping me out and believing in me even when I wasn't very confident in my own abilities. Without your pep talks, Arianna's techniques and everything you both have done for me in general, I don't think I would have even broke 1500. Again, thanks for all your help and I hope I can see you again in the future.Thanks,Samarth

From Samarth P.

Scored 1550 of 1600

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