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The Silver Lining of the Pandemic:


IES IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE that our student scores have skyrocketed with our online learning platform. We are halfway through our SUMMER CAMP 2 and we already see record numbers!!


From IES Online courses, students have improved their scores by 400 to 500 points by JUST midterm! Now, the average score increase ranges from 375 to 450 points! Students are already achieving Top-Tier Scores of 1550 from the FIRST half of the Online course and are on-track toward a PERFECT score by the END of their Online program!


These record numbers are possible because IES has been teaching online internationally AND within the US for years! All of our materials, books, and testing services are available virtually for online courses, privates, and small group reviews. While we had hoped COVID would be short term, our community’s safety and health will always be paramount to us!


Fortunately, IES has CAREER SAT TEACHERS who are also Veteran ONLINE Educators. Our dedicated FULL-TIME educational team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make our program TOP-notch and guide students to achieve their BEST. And we now have our entire NYC staff available to teach as well: Double the offerings, Double the fantastic teachers!


Online, virtual lessons provide students with more and more immediate access to teachers and material. Communication between teachers and students is INSTANT, whether during the lesson or after it. No more time wasted on driving, waiting for weekly testing times, waiting for tests to be scored… the test prep process is now faster and more CONVENIENT! Our students are PROSPERING in our online school community and IES is EXCITED!!


For the high achievers, whether struggling with their score or working toward a perfect score, the online platform has proven invaluable. High achievers often want instant answers to questions and lots of practice material. The IES ONLINE course is flexible and customizable to your student’s needs!


Only IES offers quality, ELITE Online test prep education!


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