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Arianna Astuni, owner and CEO of IES test prep, has been helping students with College Application Essays for over 20 years. Over her career, Arianna has had thousands of student acceptances at IVY league schools across the country and medical schools, both nationally and internationally. She has helped students overcome weak transcripts and test scores with amazing application submissions and important interview skills. (Testimonials available)

Arianna specializes in Ivy league applications, Medical applications, Engineering and dual majors but has worked with every type of student in various capacities. (Art portfolios and Marketing Program experience as well)

For Program Information, see below:

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Full Program: $6000 (3-4 months)

September (August) to December (January)



  1. 2 1-hour Zoom brainstorming sessions- 1 initial and 1 halfway

  2. 1 Zoom meeting for mock interview prep.(Additional Zoom/meetings or phone calls as needed. 24-hour text availability.)

  3. Resume building and editing (advice and research on internships if needed)

  4. How to get/write a Letter of Recommendation (form letters)

  5. All application essays- usually up to 10-15 colleges

  6. Interview Prep (admissions and alumni interviews)


WHO should do the full service:

Anyone applying to more than one major /academic focus/ or schools within one school (this will require double the essay work)

Anyone applying to more than 8 schools.

Anyone who is not disciplined to write essays and stay on deadlines.

Anyone who does not know how to REUSE an essay for various schools.

Anyone who is not a creative writer and needs help brainstorming ideas for essays.

Anyone who needs their ESSAY to trump a weak transcript.

Anyone with a weak resume or extracurriculars.

Anyone applying to schools that do not use COMMON APP essay.

Anyone planning to do College Interviews.



-This is a very individualized program. But, what will be required for all is that all weekly work assigned must be sent by Sunday of each week.

-Students must check all new edits by Wednesday (starting at 3 pm after school) of each week and return asap for another weekly edit before resubmitting or sending new pieces on that Sunday.

-as the program progresses we will be working on more than one essay at a time. The speed and turnaround will depend on how well the student incorporates edits and how quickly they return edits for reassessment.


All communication about essays is done via google drive. 



For every essay written, there will be a back-and-forth editing process of a MINIMUM of 3 -5 edits. Essays are not finalized in ONE HOUR. 



  1. Resume/ counsel on extracurriculars, internships, or jobs that may be needed to boost resume asap.

  2. Brainstorm a plan of action using a resume as a base. Brainstorm essay topics.

  3. Write/Edit/ Complete the COMMON APP (650 words)- this is a creative process.

  4. Research information required for short essay questions. These will be specific/factual.

  5. Write/Edit/Complete short essays required for each common app application. (this could be as few as one short essay required or up to 6 short questions required for EACH application) (90 words to 500). These will differ for ALL applications.

  6. Then we move on to applications that require non-Common App question essays.

  7. Other long essays required for certain areas of study.

  8. Letter of Rec guidance if needed

  9. Interview Prep (student keeps teacher aware of scheduled interviews)


2-3 Months: $4,000

This program will work like the all-inclusive program above but the student will be applying to fewer schools and Interview prep is not included. It can be added for an extra fee.


  1. Resume

  2. ⅚ Common App applications (includes all essays on the application).

  3. 1 required Zoom meeting at the beginning and 1 brief Zoom meeting available (if needed)


Anyone who can not start essay edits until October or November.

Anyone applying to only 5/6 COMMON APP schools.  

Anyone who is capable of doing the first draft of any essay by themselves.


1 Month: $2000-$4,000 (depending on amount of schools)

This program will allow for work on any essays that can be edited and completed within a one-month time limit.


Anyone applying to early decision or early action.

Anyone who writes and edits quickly.

Anyone who can use edited essays and apply the base to different essay questions on different applications.

Anyone applying to only a few schools or needs edits/help on only a few essays.

This student will have all the essays written and will simply need editing services.

There will be minimum back-and-forth communication.

Resume edit included.

Zoom meeting is only done by request if the student has questions about essay edits.


Hourly:(350 per hour)

This program is designed to work on ONE essay or a Group of SHORT essays in a one-hour time slot. (it will require additional hours if an essay has to be edited back and forth)


Anyone applying to one school for early decision.

Anyone who only needs help with a few already WRITTEN essays. 

We suggest booking two hours per ONE long essay/ or 5 short essays.

A back-and-forth edit/discussion will be required.

No Zoom meeting. 

The teacher will communicate via Google Docs.


Interview Prep (Z00M):($600 for 3 sessions)

Students will be given all INTERVIEW questions that may arise.

They will work with the teacher on how to answer these questions.

They will practice diction and delivery with the teacher.

They will do Mock interviews via Zoom.

A minimum of 3 hours should be booked.


For more information, please call Kristi 

(908) 917-5274

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