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Founder & CEO

A career educator with a uniquely cosmopolitan outlook, Khalid Khashoggi graduated from Princeton University and traveled widely before settling in the New York-New Jersey area. There, he founded Integrated Educational Services, a tutoring company that has helped tens of thousands of students raise their standardized test scores--and attend the colleges of their dreams--since 2001. Determined to share his years of expertise, Khalid founded IES Publications in 2013. Today, students all over the United States use the books in the IES SAT Advanced Practice Series to achieve their target scores. Each volume in the series delves into a specific SAT section--math, critical reading, or writing--in a manner that is systemat...


Founder & CEO

Arianna is the co-owner of IES NJ and IES NYC and the co-creator of the IES Technique: Control The Test. Along with her partner, she created some of the most sought after staples in the industry that all other schools now mimic. IES (2003) was the first to run a summer boot camp. IES (2007) was the first to start a foundations class. IES (2007) was the first to run free workshops and prep-a-thons. IES is still only one of a handful of small schools that uses its “expertise in the trenches” and extensive knowledge of the material to create specific textbooks, tests, and practice material for the students. (See IES Publications) Arianna has been teaching SAT VERBAL, PSAT, ACT, GRE, SAT Foundations, and editing C...


Campus Director

Kristi has been at IES for 12 years. She came to IES after working as an office manager for a print company for 9 years and as a personal nanny for 5. With her attention to detail and her love for kids, she forged a position at IES that the owners didn’t even know they needed. She became the DIRECTOR. And like every good director, Kristi is the “eyes and ears” for every person that enters this establishment. She is the first person most people speak to and the guiding hand that helps them decide what is best for their children. She uses her experience to tailor every course for every individual. She knows everything about the industry, College Board, and all of the competitors. You can come to her with any ques...


Campus Director

Megan Caldwell is a 4-year veteran of the SAT test prep industry who specializes in SAT verbal, SAT essay composition, and college essay composition. Her SAT students have scored as high as 790 on the verbal section and have been admitted to MIT, Brown, Cornell, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, University of Toronto, and Syracuse University, among many others. With a BS in psychology and an MS in neuroscience, she has ample knowledge of classical learning techniques as well as of what makes her students engage with, and effectively digest, the material. She has taught in a classroom setting for over 6 years, both at the public university level with the City University of New York and at the private institution level with Saint...


Operations Director & Teacher

Christopher serves as both the Operations Director and Editorial Director and is a seasoned teacher for IES Test Prep. He graduated from New York University with a focus in Dramatic Writing and Asian-Pacific-American Studies. Christopher has over 10 years of experience teaching the SAT/ PSAT/ ACT Reading, Grammar, and Essay sections for IES. He constantly encourages his students to ask as many questions as possible during class, in passing, or whenever he has a free moment! Christopher will always provide thorough feedback on strategies that will help students achieve their top score. Christopher will often remind his students: “To succeed on the SAT, you have to be a P.O.E.T.!” To be a P.O.E.T. means to be a Proces...


Head of Verbal Department

Rajvi has been with IES for over a decade and takes pride in educating whom she so proudly calls, “the future of this country.” She is not just a teacher here, but also the Verbal Manager, a content writer, and one of the editors of our books. To top it off, she was a double major (English and Philosophy) in the Rutgers University Honors Program and no stranger to the Dean’s List. She spends her off hours writing literary non-fiction essays and so is well equipped to help with college essay writing. Rajvi has also had quite a few students both on the old and current SAT reach a perfect score. Additionally, she has gotten countless students over the 700 mark in the Verbal section; her strength lies in bringing studen...


Head of Math Department

With 15 years of experience in the field of mathematics education, Marc is no stranger to the content mastery, habit control, and emotional motivation that is required for his students to achieve top scores. Being a veteran of IES with over 10 years vested in the company and as the acting head of the mathematics department, he has developed a style of educating that both solidifies his students’ content knowledge and promotes systematic control over their careless mistakes. Previous to his current appointment as Head of Mathematics, Marc has accumulated 9 years of experience in the public school system, having taught multiple courses in Algebra, Geometry, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and most everything between. T...


Math, Verbal and Biology Teacher

Shweta is one of those rare teachers who is a master in every subject. At IES, she teaches SAT Verbal/Math/Essay, SSAT, ACT, and Biology. She is also a content writer for all IES publications and spearheaded the Math Foundations Curriculum. As a biology major in the Rutgers University Honors Program, she understands the importance of efficient learning and diligent study. She has reliably brought a multitude of students’ scores up from the 400’s and 500’s to the 700’s. Additionally, Shweta has had numerous students attain perfect scores. Her math students regularly see an increase of 120 points over the duration of the course and more if they continue with private lessons under Shweta’s instruction. Her stronges...


Verbal and Essay Teacher

Jo has been teaching at IES for several years. As a self-proclaimed nerd, Jo has a soft spot for a few aspects of the SAT: historical passages, paired questions, data questions, rhetorical analysis (especially in the essay portion), and obscure or difficult grammar rules. These aspects might be the same ones that make you quake in your boots—but only for now! Jo enjoys a challenge, and wants to help you be brave enough to meet challenges like these head-on. In fact, Jo has helped design IES-exclusive materials that are specifically geared toward those tricky subjects; moreover, Jo led the development of the IES Verbal Foundations curriculum, which was made for those of you who struggle with any aspect of the verbal ...


Verbal and Essay Teacher

Patrick has worked as a university instructor throughout the NY Metropolitan Area and brings an intensive knowledge of higher education to his work at IES, specializing in the verbal sections of the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and GRE. A National Merit Scholarship Finalist, Patrick graduated from Johns Hopkins University (2008) as a Humanities Honors Scholar; he then earned an MFA (2010, Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars) and an MA (2011, McGill University English). Patrick has been instrumental in developing the IES Reading and Writing curricula, both as a tutor and as Executive Editor of IES Publications. He has helped guide the company's bestselling books on the SAT Reading, Grammar, and Essay to completion, and he currently se...


Verbal and Essay Teacher & College Advisor

Nicole (“Nikki”) is a certified teacher and tutor with over a decade of experience. She has test prep expertise in English reading, writing, grammar, and science. She is well-versed in the tricks that college prep tests like to play on students and aims to give her students the tools to tackle them with confidence and poise. Her students enjoy her straightforward explanations and examples that are dosed with a sense of humor—much needed on long summer camp days! As an expert in the college admissions process, she also peppers into her lessons advice on finding and applying to colleges. Overall, she thoroughly enjoys the energy of youth and supporting them as they pursue a fulfilling future!


Verbal Teacher

Hannah Thorpe is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University with a degree in writing and philosophy. She specializes in SAT verbal and is dedicated to finding engaging and effective ways to teach her students. In the past, she has tutored a range of subjects, from guitar to essay writing to test prep, and her interest in teaching comes from her own love of learning and dedication to knowledge. She graduated valedictorian of her high school and on the Dean’s List with student and departmental honors from her university. Through her classes, she hopes to instill in her students a similar dedication to and love of academic success.


Math Teacher

Lynn is a New Jersey state certified mathematics teacher at Edison High School, where she has taught for the last 21 years. She has also been an SAT instructor at IES Test Prep since 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics as well as a Master’s Degree in Education. Over the course of twenty-one years, Lynn has taught all levels of high school math. Lynn has taught AP Calculus- AB for the past 15 years as well as Algebra 2- Inclusion. Lynn is committed to the education of her students and having all of her students, at any level, be successful, by not only teaching mathematical concepts, but also by building her students’ confidence levels as well. Her dedication to the education of her stude...


Math Teacher

Katie has been teaching Mathematics at Edison High School in Edison, NJ since 2007. She holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education from Rutgers University and a Bachelor’s Degree from The College of New Jersey. Katie currently teaches AP Statistics and Algebra 1 and has successfully taught Algebra 2 and Precalculus. She is responsible for teaching a college-level Statistics curriculum and preparing students to take the Advanced Placement Exam. Her knowledge of and enthusiasm for mathematics allows her to develop activities in which students discover and understand mathematics concepts, while building upon their prior knowledge. She enjoys facilitating learning and breaking down concepts to increase student und...


Math Teacher

Bing has been teaching at IES since 2013 and has over 10 years of experience with students preparing for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, Math Level 2, and other standardized tests. He attended J.P. Stevens High in Edison and went to college at MIT. He has scored 1600 on the SAT (and 2390 when 2400 was a perfect score). He enjoys the challenge of explaining difficult problems as clearly as possible and finding questions that have multiple methods of solving. Although most of his current students are preparing for the SAT, he enjoys all of his past teaching experiences including tutoring elementary and middle school students. He is also a volunteer ESL and adult literacy teacher with Literacy NJ in his spare time.


Math Teacher

Danielle is an experienced, highly qualified math educator at the secondary level. She has been at Edison High School, a diverse school of excellence, for 12 years. In that time, Danielle has taught a variety of levels and courses, from basic Algebraic skills and Geometry to Honors Algebra 2 and Precalculus. This has allowed her to meet the needs of struggling learners and highly achieving honors students. Additionally, she is a valued part of the STEM program where she develops and implements a challenging, evidence-based curriculum, and monitors those students looking toward science and technology careers. Danielle's wide range of mathematical knowledge allows her to accelerate as an SAT instructor as well. ...


Math Teacher

Ms. Nancy Liu has a Bachelor's in Materials Science Engineering and a Bachelor's in Mathematics. She had previously taught Mathematics at Great Oaks Charter High School before accepting her current position as SAT Math Instructor at IES Test Prep. Her experience in teaching has covered Regents Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry through AB Calculus. She is well-versed in time-saving strategies for the SAT Math section and SAT Math II Subject test. Her teaching strategy consists of pinpointing weaknesses in a student's mathematical foundation and improving their understanding using carefully selected problems and supplemental materials gathered from various sources.


Math & Chemistry Teacher

Justin Gregg received his Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology (magna cum laude) from Georgetown University in 2016, and began tutoring professionally shortly thereafter. At the same time, he decided to pursue a second passion of his, and received a master’s degree in Music Theory in 2018. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Music at Columbia University with the intention of becoming a professor, but his love of math and science has by no means diminished. He has more than two years of experience as a tutor for both the SAT and ACT, as well as the majority of high school math and science courses, and enjoys finding ways to make this material engaging and relevant for his students. Aside from helping his...

To Marc: I'd like to thank you for being such a great teacher (and the king of peptalks). When I came to IES, my math score was a 640. By midterms it was 670, which was very disappointing. Still, you believed in me and knew I could do better. Then I got a 780 on the final and I died (figuratively, of course). It was such an awesome feeling. You said in your comment about my final that you were really proud and thought I could do even better. Guess what? I did. I got a 790. So much of that score can be attributed to you, so thank you so much for everything.

Yati Sanghvi

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