Term July 28, 2020-August 28, 2020


Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday



Time  6pm - 10pm Tuesday-Thursday

9:00 am - 1:00 pm Friday 






Verbal The IES Verbal course is designed to teach students how to read passages quickly for the content dimensions that they will encounter on the SAT. Command of evidence, purpose of paragraph, word in context, and applying visual information from graphs to analytical concepts will be covered. Students will be taught several techniques to breakdown the passage and the questions. This technique will be practiced on Global Conversation, History/ Social Studies, World Literature, and Natural Science passages. The student will begin with a diagnostic; we will chart their improvement with a follow-up midterm and final test.



Writing will consist of learning the standards of conventional English that will be tested in the new paragraph form on the SAT. The student will also be taught to master the difficult content dimensions of style, word usage, cohesion, and organization.



The materials in this course will not be available anywhere else and are written by experts in the field. 



Math The IES New SAT Math course is designed to fully prepare students for the extensive group of topics that will be required by the College Board.  Core algebraic and geometric strategies will be reinforced, in addition to the development of a solid foundation for the newly emphasized content areas geared toward college readiness, including Data Analysis and Statistics.  Students will learn a great deal of useful techniques for approaching specific problems in accurate and efficient ways.  The students will be able to track their progress through attaining a diagnostic test score and monitoring their growth through a midterm and final exam as well.



Prepare to enter a top-tier college with our exclusive and intensive curriculum – developed by experts in the field.



All students will receive a diagnostic test, a midterm test and and final test.



Teacher-led Workshop Classes in Grammar, Reading and Math are included with this course. (Class Tuesday-Thursday 6-10pm; Workshops Friday 9am-1pm)







SAT Prep Summer Camp 2020

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    If there is an existing epidemic/ pandemic, government-mandated quarantine, or natural disaster that would prevent inperson lessons: I understand and accept that any course, workshop, or private lesson can be switched to an interactive, virtual ONLINE platform. These ONLINE courses, workshops, or private lessons will operate during the original, booked days and times.

To Marc: I'd like to thank you for being such a great teacher (and the king of peptalks). When I came to IES, my math score was a 640. By midterms it was 670, which was very disappointing. Still, you believed in me and knew I could do better. Then I got a 780 on the final and I died (figuratively, of course). It was such an awesome feeling. You said in your comment about my final that you were really proud and thought I could do even better. Guess what? I did. I got a 790. So much of that score can be attributed to you, so thank you so much for everything.

Yati Sanghvi

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