To Marc: I'd like to thank you for being such a great teacher (and the king of peptalks). When I came to IES, my math score was a 640. By midterms it was 670, which was very disappointing. Still, you believed in me and knew I could do better. Then I got a 780 on the final and I died (figuratively, of course). It was such an awesome feeling. You said in your comment about my final that you were really proud and thought I could do even better. Guess what? I did. I got a 790. So much of that score can be attributed to you, so thank you so much for everything.

Yati Sanghvi

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Students must have already completed Algebra II in school.

Term: February 12, 2020-April 29, 2020

Day: Wednesday

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00 pm


Prepare for the Math SAT Subject Test in May/June 2020.

Course Details: 
The IES Math SAT Subject Test course is designed to address the following topics: Number & Operations, Algebra & Functions, Geometry & Measurement, Data Analysis and Statistics.  All of these content dimensions are both introduced and reviewed thoroughly regardless of the students aptitude level.  Each student's progress will be measured with a Diagnostic test, Midterm Assessment and Final test.  All course tests are reviewed in class and are graded with an official score.

About the instructor:

An educator of 16 years, Marc Wallace is no stranger to success in the classroom.  Over the course of a decade in the public school system, he has taught numerous classes including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry I, HSPA Mathematics and Precalculus Honors as well as having countless students earn scores of 4 and 5 while teaching AP Calculus and AP Statistics.  However his true proclivity for education and motivational speaking did not come to a head until he first entered the world of SAT Prep.  


Together Marc Wallace and IES have found incredible success on the SAT Subject Tests.  Having earned numerous perfect 800 scores on the Math I and Math II subject tests, which were taught to great success in private one on one lessons, IES decided to begin teaching the Math II test in a classroom setting.

After the first IES Math Subject II class of 5 students all received a perfect 800 on the official test!!!!
We are looking forward to you being our next IES success story!!

Math II SAT Subject Test Prep with Marc

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