To Marc: I'd like to thank you for being such a great teacher (and the king of peptalks). When I came to IES, my math score was a 640. By midterms it was 670, which was very disappointing. Still, you believed in me and knew I could do better. Then I got a 780 on the final and I died (figuratively, of course). It was such an awesome feeling. You said in your comment about my final that you were really proud and thought I could do even better. Guess what? I did. I got a 790. So much of that score can be attributed to you, so thank you so much for everything.

Yati Sanghvi

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Term December 8, 2019-February 2, 2020 (no class 12/22/19 & 12/29/19)

Days Sunday

Time  9:00 am - 1:00 pm



ACT English and Reading: This course will give students firm knowledge of the grammar, composition, and critical reading skills tested on the ACT. By completing a series of diagnostic tests and written assignments, students will acquire the pacing and attention to detail that are essential to the English and Reading sections. And we break down the test for you: our instructors will show you how to approach each English section question type, and how to develop effective timing and strategies for the Reading passages. We will also analyze the latest changes to the test, from newly-updated question types to the recently-introduced double passages. All enrolled students will be offered custom-designed IES practice exercises, a copy of the Real ACT book, and three on-site exams using official ACT material.

ACT Math and Science: With the assistance of this course and its wealth of practice materials, students will gain enhanced knowledge of the Math and Science essential to the ACT. In the Math segment, topics ranging from algebra to geometry to trigonometry will be presented efficiently and methodically; in the Science segment, students will acquire the skills that word problems and data analysis demand. Our teachers will guide students through efficient techniques as well as methodical approaches, while the Official ACT book and three full tests will give students the resources they need as they begin to become confident, successful ACT test-takers.





ACT Advanced Prep for the February 2020 ACT

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