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Register for any DSAT (digital SAT) course and get a free reading room course for a younger sibling.(see full description below)

When you register a high school student for any Digital SAT course you get a free reading room course for a younger sibling. (see full description below)


The Reading Room is a dynamic reading club for middle school students of all levels. This fun interactive workshop is designed to create autonomous reading habits in diverse genres while allowing students to subtly develop reading strategies, speed and ease with reading, critical thinking skills, vocabulary levels, and classroom speaking. It is perfect for academic enrichment, personal enjoyment, and preparation for future coursework that requires a large reading load.

The reading room will help students develop discipline and confidence in the most important skill they will ever need in their academic and personal lives.

Our experienced teacher, Allison Baldwin, will guide the students through a discussion on assigned chapters. Students will participate and shape the room with the teacher for exciting and fun discourse.

Kristi 908 917 5274

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